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But what Jiang Li was most worried about was that this stupid dog was too stupid. After demolishing the house a few times, he was shot and collapsed by that person, and the dog was stewed. ... why is student loan interest so high

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"Ah! No way, no way, my leg is broken!" ...

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Xiao Ye Zi snorted and said: "We have all seen it. The Emperor Chu Zhao looked at you as if he wanted to eat you alive. If you said hello, I think we will really be branded with you. Once you leave, Chu Zhaohuang definitely stewed us all."

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Outside, Mi Canghai was drinking a small wine comfortably, glancing at the house from time to time.

Speaking of this, Qi Dalei looked at Jiang Li, and his meaning was very clear, if he really wanted to expose it, both of us would have trouble.

At the same time, Mi Qingmou opened her eyes, she was not dead!

Jiang Li looked up at the ceiling: "Are you eavesdropping on you upstairs?"

Let me add one more sentence, the Lu family is the technological pillar of Qi. As the saying goes, change the emperor, not the Lu family! "

Jiang Li was stunned. Isn't this a coincidence?

However, Yasheng's spiritual brand is also extremely terrifying, and it can slap all existences under Yasheng to death with bare hands!

Jiang Li is a three-second man! "

"Crow, don't be too crazy. Look at Jiang Li's enemies this time, ten sub-sages! Moreover, the Korean royal family also has sub-sages, and Emperor Han Wu himself thought they were the best sub-sages... Plus, killing troops , I'm afraid there are no less than a hundred sub-sages. It was very difficult for Jiang Li to fight three sub-sages last time, but this time with a hundred sub-sages fighting together, I'm afraid he might not be able to last for thirty seconds." Someone retorted the crow.

Liu Yu shook his head and said, "That's not a sword cultivator, it's just an ordinary person who stepped on a flying sword-like aircraft. But they do belong to the industry of the Shushan faction in the southwest, so they can use the name of Shushan Express to deliver them on flying swords." express delivery." .

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Others don't know Jiang Li, but he does! What Jiang Li did to him back then was absolutely unforgettable, even if Jiang Li was turned into ashes, he would still know it. The point is, Jiang Li is still wearing his clothes. .

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