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For Chu Shaoyan's gratitude, Chen Zhiyuan didn't express anything, but let Chu Shaoyan leave casually. His gloomy expression told Chu Shaoyan that at this moment, he was not in a good mood, on the contrary it was very bad. ... how much interest on 10000 loan

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dahlia is trying to decide which bank she should use for a loan she wants to take out - how to take out a stafford loan .Coupled with his current identity and status, he needs to always pay attention to his speech and behavior. As time goes by, Mo Lingxiao's temperament becomes more and more withdrawn. |.

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Chen Ye: "????" .

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Mo Lingxiao Yujian left, every nerve in his body tensed up, he knew that Su Nian might misunderstand, but he didn't expect him to miss himself so much. ...

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The chubby, long and juicy Erbao was taken to the ruins outside the city. Another human trafficker who had been waiting here for a long time saw the big man holding the Erbao hurrying over from afar, with a big face on his face. His anxiety instantly turned into joy, and he stared happily at the chubby little man in the arms of the big man.

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"Hmph~ don't look!"

Seeing this, Chu Shaoyan was also stupid! Like a mummy, he stared at Toyotomi Maaya's neck with his eyes wide open, unable to move his gaze any longer.

Chu Shaoyan nodded, and then the two came to the table, and Guan Nuoxue asked the waiter to add some more dishes.

Su Nian was very surprised, he seemed not fully prepared yet.

Peony's nose was sore and uncomfortable, and she didn't dislike Su Nian's filthy body at all. She carefully carried Su Nian on her back and said softly, "Before eating, I'll take you to take a bath, change your clothes, and then Give you some medicine, okay?"

Speaking of this, Chu Shaoyan suddenly changed the subject: "But since Chairman Ye has handed over the gang to me, then I can't live up to his hopes! I believe everyone already knows about Jiang Lao and Ye Jinlong's rebellion. There is a lot of uproar on the Tao, and now the bosses of the major gangs in Baodao are watching our jokes. At the same time, our enemy, the Bamboo Association, is also preparing to seize this opportunity to give us a fatal blow! So I hope that at this time , no matter whether you want me to be the chairman or not, we must unite! If we are still like a loose sand, we will not be the opponent of the deadly enemy Bamboo Association. In that way, I, Chu Shaoyan, will not be easy, everyone It won't be easy either!"

Leng Aotian doesn't know when he started to have feelings for this special identity. At first, he only wanted to take advantage of the people who were constantly cutting and chaotic. There seemed to be an invisible force pulling him, making him unable to ignore them. His every move worried about his life.

Mo Lingxiao was a little embarrassed, Su Nian's actions really made him flustered, and he was a little reluctant to withdraw his hand, so he could only try to restrain himself in the end.

When Liao Jinyu asked him just now, was he too impulsive, but he had already said the words, so he could only hold on. After thinking twice, he was still a little hesitant.

After a few moves, he was exhausted, his head was dizzy and unbearably dizzy, and the things he saw in front of him overlapped and were false and real, but when he thought that if he fell down now, Su Nian would definitely die, and Mo Yunfeng would definitely take Su Nian back forcibly The panacea in the body returned to him. .

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Mo Lingyu is lively, at least it is easier to get close to Liao Jinyu than Liao Jinyu. After walking around Su Nian for a few times, the words that Mo Lingxiao had just entered his throat almost spurted out the tea. .

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