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【is hawaii good for business loan brokers? 】 In terms of speed, there may not be many people in the martial arts world who can match Chu Shaoyan. After all, his agility has been practiced at a high cost in the mountains since he was 5 years old, and the sacrifices in it are far beyond ordinary people's imagination. 。

But Chu Shaoyan is so young, and as far as he knows, his grandfather has passed away long ago, so this uncle's cultivation should still be at the elementary level of kung fu, right?

"Master Chu, if the time limit is exceeded, my Hei Niu's head will be chopped off and used as a chamber pot for everyone!" Already!"

"What kind of trap is that?" Zidie was taken aback.

But when the manager opened his eyes, Chu Shaoyan had disappeared. He asked the shop assistants in surprise, "Hey, where was that person just now?"

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Because of this conversation with the woman he loved the most, Chu Shaoyan was always in a happy mood, and when Song Yingjie received the document, the arc of the corner of his mouth became more obvious.
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Chu Shaoyan helped them up one by one, put them all on the sofa, then called the waiter to come over, and sent the five of them to the large caravan he drove. Chu Shaoyan ordered the driver of the three cars driven by Sima Yan, Han Yu, and Zhu Qixia to follow behind him.
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"Qi Ye, I, I, hurry up, I always feel that something is wrong, and my vest is so cold that I'm terrified..." Sanmaotou shook his flashlight around, and suddenly said tremblingly, his back arched slightly.
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Liu Danyan couldn't help laughing, she shook her hand and said, "I don't know, I slept very hard." Although she was denying her mouth, her expression told everyone with certainty: Cheng Yu's words are absolutely true!
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Ye Jinlin touched his hand lightly, raised her head slightly, and said calmly: "It's my colleague! I happened to be looking for your Captain Hu. Is he at home?"
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Chu Shaoyan nodded: "I also think that the possibility of homicide is very high, but the key now is, who will kill her?"
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Mi Qiao screamed and pushed his hand away, but Da Zhuang pulled her away, then pushed A Jiao and Xiao Mei away, and rushed towards Xu Qi!
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Jin Shangbang said: "He can laugh at people who are of the same status as him, and those who are lower than him, but he can't laugh at those who are higher than him! Our Golden Dragon Gang is a well-organized group, and no one can violate it! "
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