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【how quickly can i pay off my mortgage 】 Then there was a clang! 。

"A person in the world is like an awl in a bag, and its sharp point will appear immediately. Now, it has been three years in the southern land, people on the left and right are no longer hungry, and guests from afar are also here Staying here, the world praises our land, thinking that this is the paradise of the world."

Chonghua: "...This is also destiny."

In addition to the ten masters of the earliest primitive medical system, besides the ten witches of Lingshan, there were six under the Yellow Emperor, namely Qibo, Guiyuqu, Bogao, Shaoshi, Shaoyu, and Leigong.


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Now that I have a place of work and a goal of work, the next thing will be easy to handle. Drinks are just equivalent to salary. I am a dignified leader of the Southern League, and I have been fighting since the time of Nuwa. I didn’t rest until after the Yellow Emperor, but now that I’m awake, I’m taking on an important position again. Could it be that I don’t even have any small hobbies in private?
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"...It's really a wonderful creation...huh?"
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Because, it can never be worse than it is now!
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The discussions of wise men are always so thought-provoking.
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There are also pythons, deer, bears, panthers, and mountain leopards!
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Chisongzi is holding the strange white thing, and next to it is the helper in the mill, that is, Wang Lei from the Juqiu family. He is introducing his new product:
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This time against Xu Ao, I didn't use it as a hole card, but now it's time to use it, but there is one thing wrong, when the horn shakes the water, the water rises up, and it sprays everywhere without distinguishing between the enemy and the enemy. .....
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Because in front of the ruins, many people appeared.
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