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Everyone only needs to wait for three hours before the Nine Heavens Immortal Island will be closed, and the Nine Heavens spiritual power empowerment will be given down, and everyone will absorb it and strengthen their cultivation! ... mortgage calucaltor

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Everyone's eyes widened in horror! .

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He is invincible! Wherever it appeared, there was a pile of corpses in an instant! ...

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"Get out of the way!"

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There was a huge explosion between him and the farmer!

Dong Tiannan's eyes burst out with the bloodthirsty light of a tiger, and with a kick of his footsteps, it was like a tiger leaving the gate! Unstoppable!

Yi Qingyi and Zhong Nishang's beautiful eyes were as clear as water, and they both looked at Xia Gan. Among the three of them, Xia Gan was undoubtedly the backbone.

In just a few days, this trend has become more and more intense, and even became a red word on the Internet at the beginning of the year, which has the potential to converge into a "death party", and those who do things are even more aggressively using various means to search for "Dugu" this Internet red dog. Where is it sacred? Could it be Erlang God's roaring dog?

Chu Shaoyan frowned deeply, did the enemy's skills stop here? As the former "King of Special Forces", he has the most vigilant mind and keen thinking.

"Huh? That palace in front of me seems extraordinary?"


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