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【first time mortgage rates 】 We are in trouble! " 。

This is not flattery, but just stating a fact.

Wang Zhengchu felt a pity in his heart: "However, if we want to talk about the weirdest one, it really has to be Brother An! What kind of cultivation level is he? Say he is practicing Qi..."

The little girl looked at the blood-covered Heavenly Soldiers approaching, at this moment, she rushed out, opened her hands to protect the two servant girls behind her, and shouted: "Don't hurt them, kill them, kill me! I am a princess, and they are just ordinary maids."

Not far away, Jin Xi and Jin Yao knelt on the ground, kowtowing to the southwest.

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It was only after Wang Zhengchu came into contact with An Ran that he brought back those weird scripts. After a month of research, different voices gradually emerged within the Ling Yu Sect.
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"I've already dealt with this person, and I'll take away the tracking mark on his body, so next, it's almost time to say goodbye."
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[Option 1: Copying, copying, copying, copying, reward: hot hot hot hot hot]
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Jiang Li nodded slightly to Leona and said, "Don't worry, I'll be back soon."
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"Thank you, my lord, for giving me the name—"
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And the immortal swords of Taixuan Jianzong are only the three great heavenly swords handed down from the upper world that are well known in the world. An Ran's mouth is obviously not within the range of the three great heavenly swords!
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After a while, An Ran gave up thinking.
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Those who are interested only need to push behind the scenes a little, and they can easily create a huge dispute!
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