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The white-robed fairy muttered in a low voice: "It's just why he wants to help me heal my wounds?" ... people free . own hobby interest . no hurt other . bodybuilding help some people mentally psyche up

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An Ran immediately felt relieved.

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But the trial of this strange mansion manifested was aimed at their displayed cultivation.

"Junior Sister Ling's legs are quite perfect. It seems that no matter whether it is white socks or black socks, they are very good. Hmm... Maybe I can try an asymmetrical style? Wait until the end of this big competition..."

Thinking of this, Jiang Li felt a surge of anger after a burst of heartache, and said through gritted teeth, "Damn it, it's really as if I'm not at home, so you can do whatever you want?"

Ye Yuan was shocked.

It is said that the good inheritance is long-lasting, and the law of the ancestors is immutable?

At the same time, Yan Qingzhu smiled brightly.

Jiang Li said: "Isn't that good? a disaster."

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A majestic fairy palace rises slowly, the sound of Dao shakes the void, and countless runes fly out from the fairy palace, paving a fairy bridge leading to the distance in an instant!

This night's increase seems to be very small, but if compared with the past, it can be regarded as one in the sky and one in the ground! .

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