conventional loan 15 years for multiple subway business owners
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【"apply for a business loan quickly' 】 "Kanghui has managed the great rivers for decades. He has great experience in Luoshan, Chongsou, Fangchuan, and Douze. When the battle with Zhuanxu was deadlocked, Kanghui inspected the direction of the water flow and the surrounding mountains. The location of the lake, when the spring water is rising, it is decided to dig the Yellow River, and the water of the Zhentao River will be empty and mulberry!" 。

This is the second ability, which belongs to the skills of Qi practitioners, but it is also obtained because of the particularity of the human body god.

For example, Mo Hong knew this very well. He told the emissary to ask for food, but he had a bad attitude. He happened to meet an iron rooster, Mo Hong, and asked the emissary to drink water for three days without giving him a mouthful of food. eat.

"When history becomes a story, when a story becomes a legend."

The Fudou expressed their feelings to Pan Wang, and Pan Wang slapped one of them into the air with a slap.

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He bent his bow and set an arrow, and the arrow flew out!
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The status of the Xunshan God is extremely high in the southern fields. The great wizard of the Xunshan clan is born of the gods and people. Compared with the great wizard of Chaisang Mountain, his status is naturally higher. After all, this is a worship totem The age of the gods.
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"It's all about digging rocks. Why do you run up to the top as a child, and so do the people from the Central Plains. How can you let your child come to the place where the rocks are cut and the road is built?"
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So Ji Yuan and Ji Bu whispered to each other.
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