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"And I discovered one more thing." Cheng Fighting suddenly lowered his voice. ... small car loan lending tree 2000

test. best place to ge a small loan "That's a deal, don't go back on your word. After the treatment is over, no matter how many scars are left, let's go through the transfer procedures first, and then I will decide whether to continue the treatment." ….

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Seeing that the guy next to him with two teeth knocked out wanted to get up, Qian Shan lifted his foot and kicked him directly on the ground. .

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"By the way, Brother Cheng, have you finished the shelf life inspection?" Qian Shan glanced at Shao Lezheng who was opposite, and there were two people relaxing for him. ...

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At that moment, Lian Haifan grinned, pointed to the potion in Qian Shan's hand and asked, "Are you sure this thing works? If it doesn't work, the rent won't be much discounted for you. You'll have to increase my rent to 330,000 for three years."

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Dong Junmao proudly came to the edge of Qianshan, and proudly said: "Crazy you? Continue to fight? If you want to fight again, I will invite the boxing champion to beat you!"

Zhao Feifei giggled.

The person in front of him was indeed the type that Qian Shan liked very much, but Qian Shan didn't dare to agree so readily, so he still set his eyes on the flyer in his hand.

This time, without waiting for Qianshan's response, Cheng Boji asked directly: "Is there any training partner who doesn't wear protective gear?"

Dong Junmao ignored the cynicism of other people at all, and just sneered at Qianshan: "Oh, what's the matter? Cowardly? I'll continue to send you money, come, come and get it if you have the ability!"

When eating in the morning, Qian Shan still thought that when Dong Junmao brought that big man over, he would take the order, and within a few minutes, he would get hundreds of thousands of dollars in his hands. , otherwise, with that big man's size, I'm afraid he could beat himself into a patty.

Zhao Feifei blushed slightly, and muttered, "No way, I just think it's too dangerous and not worth it."

At this time, Qian Shan was also preparing to warm up, when he suddenly heard that there seemed to be a quarrel outside, so he turned his head and looked outside.

In a fast food restaurant, Zhao Feifei lay weakly on the table, eating the ice cream in front of him bit by bit. .

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"Oh, that's how it is." .

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