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Zhen means burning tortoise shells to obtain omens for divination. Before the Zhou Dynasty, the word Zhen did not have the meaning of chastity, but divination. .

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At this time, other leaders of the Shu tribe came back and once again captured some people from the small tribe. Here... there are tens of thousands of people who were taken captive. At a glance, they are everywhere wearing stone locks, Driven slaves. ...

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There are bare-chested craftsmen everywhere here, including carpenters, stonemasons, bonesmiths, coppersmiths, blacksmiths... Of course, the people in the handicraft street are rapidly integrating into the era of large factories, and most of the people here have chosen a certain factory, and as a resident craftsman in a large factory.

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The so-called mixed number is the way to mix it! In the way of confusion, there is more than enough damage and not enough C...

"Throwing carts and rocks, the archer draws his bow!"

The destruction of the ancestral land in the distance means that the promise that the Chikata Clan once made to the ancestors of heaven and earth has been shattered.

Ying Long's eyes flashed instantly!

The monkey sounded wrong, like another one.

Since he is a god-man, it is only natural that he is a little more handsome than himself.

Chisongzi was very interested: "How should I say it?"

Yuzai quickly found the first edible thing in a pile of weeds. The so-called spinach is water spinach.

(A Qi refiner eating at a market stall chokes at the same time.)

If the Central Plains meets with Dongyi soldiers, what should Yao Chonghua, Gao Tao, Ye, and Shaodian clan do? ! .

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