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When he met Chisongzi's eyes.

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On the city wall of the fortress, Huandou, the two Sanyun soldiers, and the captured Chi Du had almost identical expressions.

"I can talk, but it's really tiring to talk like this... It's just about to have dinner, let's talk while eating."

Just because of this sentence, Tianhu never imagined that from then on, it entered the queue of eating and waiting to die.

"It seems that they didn't compare their strengths!"

"Chased by a tiger? Is it the tiger who stole the chicken last time?"

I am not stupid!

Therefore, King Pan also understood very well that the people of the Fire-sanctioning country would have nothing to do with them if they spilled all over the land around the Fire-sanctioning country.

Chi Songzi nodded to Dayi: "Your decision is very correct, and you cannot recommend it."

What is the overall situation in mind at this time, and it's over!

【"This smell of body odor..."】 .

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