why does your mortgage get sold
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【why is getting a commercial mortgage becoming more and more difficult 】 Yan Shuya became a little flustered, propped herself on the ground with one hand, lay down on the beach and looked down, hoping to find something. But the dark sea water is extremely calm, with slight waves beating gently against the shore, and the splashing waves are no more than half a foot high. 。

Ah Bao originally took a puff of cigarette, but when he heard Chu Shaoyan's words, he coughed so hard that he almost swallowed the smoke. Abao looked at Chu Shaoyan with a bloody look on his face and said, "Brother Chu, you are not kidding me, are you? Then you joined our Sanlian Gang for less than a week? How is this possible!"

There are not a few villas that Chu Shaoyan has visited in these years, but in Chu Shaoyan's view, there are only a handful of villas that can be compared with Zhang Haohai's villa. In the entire villa, almost all the decorations are European medieval decorations, and the oil paintings hanging on the walls are all authentic ones, and a random pair can make a poor man a rich man. Seeing all this, Chu Shaoyan was shocked, and subconsciously thought of a problem, that is, as Ye Tianhe's deputy, Zhang Haohai seemed to know how to enjoy life better than Ye Tianhe, and the conditions were even better! This... is somewhat outrageous...

"Zi Die, I just asked the doctor, your mother's injury is fine..."

Hao Zhen's complexion changed, he stared at Jiang Zhengfeng and said, "Comrade Zhengfeng, what do you mean by that? Are you accusing our organization department of being ineffective? Please make your opinions clear and don't criticize Sang Huai!"

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"Zi Die, I just asked the doctor, your mother's injury is fine..."
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Hearing Ka Suo's excited tone, Mike seemed to have thought of something, and handed the radio to Chu Shaoyan respectfully: "Mr. Chu Shaoyan, our team leader wants to talk to you."
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In this way, Chu Shaoyan's previous great efforts were in vain, that is to say, he swam for such a long time before, but the distance was actually not far away.
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"Master Chu, where's Missy?" Butler Mei asked in surprise as she served two cups of tea on a tray, but Shangguan Zetian was missing.
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"Tomorrow." Chu Shaoyan thought for a while and said, "Is there anything at the harbor that I need to deal with?"
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"Han Yu, I will kill you!" The bastard got up, and in a rage, he raised a chair and threw it at him. Luckily, Han Yu dodged it.
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The meeting ended quickly, and Tong sent people to see that the situation was over, and Bai Nen died down before even starting the voting procedure. In the end, the position of the Public Security Bureau in Yu Zhonghao was guaranteed in the resolution proposed by the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Qiang.
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Fortunately, the three traffic accidents were not serious and were just rear-end collisions, which prevented the police from following Chu Shaoyan to Yejia Manor. But these are not things that Chu Shaoyan cares about. Now he only cares about whether Ah Bao can survive.
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