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It's still too early for you to use Molt Domain Gu. ... how do you pay the loan fee student loans

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Yu Fei refined the Heaven-Treading Wind Gu into a Natal Gu? .

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The price that Uncle Wang offered was quite a lot, and the agreement was ten parts of the essence of Gu..."

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There was no spare domain source, so Su Ran used the two newly acquired Thunder Domain Gu.

Although Qu Jinghong's cultivation has improved rapidly, he is still a rank one Gu Immortal.

"Order, don't contact Red Lotus Immortal Palace and Yu Fei anymore, and don't associate with other princes anymore. This Marquis wants to visit the Imperial City in person and return to his natal Gu!"

"It's not necessarily a breakthrough either."

The cold wind swept past, and the land it passed was frozen everywhere.

What he saw surprised Su Ran, what he saw was none other than Bei Gonghan!

It can be said that the two have their own purposes, and they both talk to each other.

It's settled, it's settled, this is what Su Ran wants to pursue.

Many people don't understand Su Ran's current strength. It has only been a few months since Su Ran first appeared, but the combat power shown by each head and tail is really different.

"You...what do you want?" the prince closest to Su Ran asked in surprise, his hands trembling. .

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