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Similarly, when the major media saw that Jiang Li, even the mighty God of Heaven, would be destroyed as soon as he said it, they didn't dare to make trouble anymore. ... conventional loan for subway leasehold business

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Jiang Li grinned and said, "I seem to overestimate your IQ." .

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Jiang Li's eyes swept across the air, seeing a few birds flying in the air, his eyes lit up immediately. ...

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Jiang Li didn't care about that, he waved his hand and said, "Fuck off, I don't have a driver's license."

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At this moment, there were many other extraordinary people around Jiang Li, and Gu didn't seem to have considered their life or death at all, and just roared: "The blasphemer must die!"

Moreover, I seem to be able to control the power of ice cold..."

Jiang Li stroked his chin, thought about it thoughtfully, then slapped his hands and said, "Yes!"

"Oh...Old Ma, don't babble anymore, and get to the point!" The prisoner was in a hurry.

Gu looked arrogantly, dignifiedly, and solemnly at all the people present, and the atmosphere on the scene instantly became oppressive.

"Suck!" Hei Lian forcefully sucked the long strip of rice noodles into her mouth, and said vaguely, "Jiang Li, don't you care about this?"

Now that he can see it, Jiang Li is naturally not polite, rolled his eyes, and said with a smile: "Small, come to me to steal things? You wait for me."

Someone sighed: "The natural disaster level, every three levels is a stage, one, two, and three are elementary, four, five, and six are intermediate, seven ** is the top, and nine is the peak. It is also called the strongest human being!"

Hei Lian said: "I guess your father is not going to go to the sky or something, maybe he is hiding from your mother?"

At this time someone exclaimed: "I understand, the speed of the meteor far exceeds the speed of sound, the thunder he caused in the distance can't catch up with his speed at all, and the new sound he produced is due to the short distance, so Everyone heard it first. As for the farther sound, although it was produced first, it arrived later, so it gives people a feeling that the sound is far away..." .

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Jiang Li couldn't help muttering: "Are the people in the mountain country so good-tempered?" .

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