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The strong men of the older generation are all dead, and the new generation lacks combat power and has not opened totems. It is normal to be beaten to death when encountering strange beasts in the Daze, but the more the soldiers don't blame Shu Shu, Shu felt more guilty, and even panicked.

"This is a mountain!"

After Yan Zai finished speaking, he glanced at the right arm. Although Huang Kanshan had recovered, his physical strength seemed to be exhausted, and his face changed from rosy just now to pale.

Yan Zai pinched the beans, although the grains were not very big, they were obviously about to ripen.

Otherwise, sooner or later they will run out of fuel and die.

Yu Zai didn't know whether to laugh or cry, he looked at the little wild boar with eyes wide open, he picked up the little wild boar, held it up high, and said to everyone in the tribe: "Okay! This is a strange beast called Dangkang Listen up everyone, it is our lucky star! It cannot be eaten or killed!"

Gouzi turned his head to the direction of the fat chicken, moved his ears, and barked, indicating that the golden egg was taken out of their nest.

Suddenly, the yellow-shirted boy's eyes lit up and he said, "He can use it for other experiments, um... an experiment about your Immortal Universe."

Although you looked a little embarrassed when you were caught stealing food desperately, but the way you were locked up in the basket and thinking about grass in the end was really beautiful.

The Great Wall of the North Crown of the new universe is more magnificent and vast than in the past, spanning hundreds of millions of miles, composed of countless stars and galaxies, just suppressed at the edge of the universe. .

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The crying of the baby became louder and louder, and the wind and rain in the sky made the whole world tremble! .

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