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【repayment calculator secured loan 】 "Could it be that I'm going to break through to the tenth level of Qi Cultivation Realm? It doesn't seem to be the case. It really feels like breaking through a big realm, but it's always missing something..." 。

Feixiantai fell from the fairy world and was destroyed, and the immortal soldiers and generals stationed at Feixiantai must have died together under that palm.

They said in unison with an extremely tacit understanding: "Dare to ask where this brother is from..."

Yu Hongzhi, who was a famous figure in the dynasty, was like this, let alone Li Muge and the other three.

Even if Taixuan Jianzong went to investigate afterwards, he could only conclude that An Ran died of an accident.

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He shook his head and got rid of all distracting thoughts in his mind: "Now that we have reached the realm of non-thought, the next step is the more difficult level of non-thought... No thoughts, no thoughts, no distracting thoughts..."
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After all, Master Min Yuanhang has always been known for his outspokenness. Some people think that he has a true temperament, and naturally some people think that he is outspoken.
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An Ran thought of something again, and cast a curious look at the young man opposite: "And according to you, if there were no accidents, you should have arrived in Xianqin more than ten years ago?"
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"What fifth level?"
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Especially from Zhan Qianqiu's words, Li Hong actually became a student. Before he returned to Jianzong, he had already gone to one of the main peaks to learn from a teacher.
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As long as the bloodline exceeds a certain concentration, the soul will not be scattered after death, nor will the soul return to the underworld.
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Su Dian interrupted him again, and said solemnly: "Brother, I treat you with sincerity, so why do you keep mocking me? Don't mention the nine-level Qi training!"
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It's just that An Ran didn't expect that just after his words were spoken, the faces of a group of people on the boat changed.
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