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"The big river rushes the mountains here out of the gap, and roars down along the tall mountains and towering plateaus with the force of discharge, because the topography of the whole world probably follows the river to the east and gradually becomes lower. Therefore, Mount Buzhou, which supports the sky, is in the northwest direction." .

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Nu Mi does not hide her emotions, happiness is happiness, sadness is sadness, and anger is anger. ...

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Because the pre-technology of this spectacle is "ironware"...I have already pointed it out.

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As for the Hongzhou market, it is no longer authentic, it is a jump of the times.

Yuzai's words are not nonsense, because the tribes in the East China Sea, the Mingyi group already know the truth that "the waves rise and fall, rise and fall with the moon". It’s just a point, calculate and calculate the speed of the moon today, and kill two pigs to sacrifice to the moon god tomorrow.

But Yan Zai gave a reference standard, which is food.

But through the process of disappearing to condensing, Yu Zai is also using this to repeatedly polish his aura. The aura of a Qi Refiner is the transformation of the Qi of the Heaven and Earth into his own mighty power. .

In the following time, I will roughly popularize the definitions of wetlands and swamps to everyone, so that they can understand the ecological structure inside. This is necessary, because according to the evolution of swamps, they can be divided into three stages. After each stage of transformation, the work that can be carried out is also different.

And when the south was furiously deploying troops, setting up troops, farming, and fighting, there were movements in the north.

The Jinyun clan is Huode, there is no doubt about it, after all, they are the descendants of Emperor Yan, and Xia Guan is mainly in charge of the battle, so the Huode that appeared at this time is a hanging cauldron.

So Chisongzi asked Yan Zai, if Yan Zai established a new era, what would this era be like?

never mind.

All the emperors coexisted, but they only enshrined themselves together, because I made them jealous and afraid. Among the old emperors, there were also people who were called emperors, but their rights were greatly reduced. .

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"Stop crying, I will teach you the art of longevity." .

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