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【how old do you need to be to take out a loan 】 Zhao Feifei was a little worried at the beginning, but now when he heard that he was going to find Qianshan to practice boxing, he immediately exploded, pointing at Dong Junmao and shouting: "Why are you like this? Did you see that he was injured? Is it bullying? ? Are you crazy!?" 。

The Huading Goddess gave a "puchi" smile, tugged at his ears affectionately, then fell into his arms, and said with a smile: "I really picked a treasure, so honest!"

Zhao Feifei was also packing clothes into the suitcase at this time, when she saw Qian Shan's call, she connected it directly: "Hey, what's the matter? I'm packing the clothes."

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"That's right, what are you doing? He's just a training partner, but he's a professional boxer. Didn't you see how this little guy's arm was beaten by this guy?"
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"Three minutes won't do, it's too short." Dong Junmao raised his neck and shouted at Qian Shan, "Qian Shan, you're going back on your word!"
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Kong Dahu said, "I'm afraid this guy won't dare to go up."
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Half an hour later, Qian Shan came into the sales department with a bunch of milk tea, turned his head and looked around, and soon saw Pang Dongyan who was sitting on the side resting, so he walked over with a smile.
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"Then how did you KO both Shao Lezheng and Sun Hongsheng?" Ma Feizhang was a little puzzled. Although he knew about this, he only knew that the two of them were KO'd by Qianshan. The specific situation was not very clear. Didn't ask either.
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