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An Ran thought for a while and then nodded: "Compared to the first time, Brother Dao really talked a lot more." .

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The kalpa of nirvana that destroys everything has come. ...

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"I've never seen it."

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With the previous experience, facing this situation, they were not much surprised, on the contrary, they were a little speechless.

Today, there are not too few immortal king-level existences that An Ran has had in-depth exchanges with.

A strange thought flashed in An Ran's mind.

The Immortal King of Immortality was stunned, and murmured: "In short, she did successfully capture the Taisu Divine Stone, but because of this, she relaxed her vigilance and let this strand of my soul escape."

As a peerless magic weapon jointly created by the masters and powerhouses of the entire cosmic era, the goddess naturally has a perfect face, entrusting the best hope of countless creatures, the last hope to survive the great extinction of the universe!

"This he in a hurry?"

The boy walks on the Great Wall of Beimian, from ancient times to the present, from myth to reality!

"Dao Dao!"

It's just that she was born with an inexplicable sense of inferiority and cowardice in her past body that faded away as the White Emperor. In addition, she was born in the Golden Palace, so she has always trapped herself in a corner and never left.

An Ran smiled again: "In the next few months, there may not be new progress." .

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One after another, the ancient immortals flew out one after another, and the light of the Tianxin Seal lit up, spanning the space, and falling towards the avenue lotus in the sky! .

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