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【what to do when family offers interest free loans 】 "What a bitch!" Chu Shaoyan cursed, and then went to the bathroom. 。

Li Sisi obviously had the same thoughts as his manager! Originally, these days, Ye Jinlong was always losing his temper because of some things in the meeting, and she was already very upset. Now that she meets someone who finds fault, can she swallow this breath?

Cheng Shu looked at the balcony again, where was the figure? !

Cheng Shudao: "It seems that there is a lot of dedication behind the great power, no wonder you are so powerful."

"I'm not talking about you, your luck is not so bad. But you don't have to worry, Baodao Gaoming Doctor Club has a lot of them, so you don't have to go to that Dr. Zhou." Hua Dawei said in a relaxed tone: " As for that kid Chu Shaoyan, don’t worry, I’ll give him some foreplay this time, and I’ll make him cry and beg me in front of me in a short time!”

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Jiang Li rolled his eyes and said, "Being an ass, I just can't get used to that kind of old hooligan."
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The next moment, the shadow demon in front of him disappeared!
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Jiang Ting scolded with tears: "Idiot! What kind of hero are you playing at this time? Can't you run well?!"
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Seeing that Ka Suo and Chu Shaoyan had finished embracing, Mike and the others stood up straight and saluted Ka Suo: "Header, hello!"
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Chu Shaoyan was slightly excited when he said this: "You can learn so many languages in a short period of time, which is enough to prove your wisdom! And you can recover from the shadow of your father's death in just a few minutes. Come out and make a deal with me calmly. This psychological quality is beyond the reach of ordinary adults. You are calm, smart and vicious. If you have these three things, you will be assigned an excellent financial expert. Become a legend in the financial world!"
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"Hey, is this younger sister really cute? Do you want to date my brother?" Huang Fei walked over with a smirk, and reached out to grab the girl with ponytails.
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It feels like the father is comforting the child...
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After entering the room, Chu Shaoyan saw Ye Ruoxi lying beside the bed at a glance! I saw that her face was pale and her brows were tightly knit together, her face was full of tears, and her brows were tightly knit together.
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