$2 million dollar business loan payment
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【which term refers to the person or business that extend a loan to you 】 Holding the last sliver of luck, he tore off Shen Yao's already soaked pants, exposing his two thin white long legs to the air. 。

After finishing what he had explained, he walked away quietly holding the tray.

Shen Yao called this name very lightly, as if begging him.

After finishing speaking, he said to Mike: "Mike, tell Vincent and the others to meet President Ye at the back door after they kill the snipers!"

Xu Yibai picked up the cup and walked out, and as soon as he went out, he saw Shen Yao sitting on the sofa with his knees hugged. Hearing the sound of opening the door, Shen Yao's ears moved, and he turned his face quickly.

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"Why?" Chu Shaoyan was a little curious when A Bao asked him this.
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When the other bosses heard Lao Jin's words, they naturally understood that Lao Jin was trying to please Chu Shaoyan, but they also understood that there was no other way to go except to support Chu Shaoyan.
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At this moment, the door of the Sanlian office was pushed open, and Starscream walked in with a sneer.
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He wanted to seriously ask Guan Shu, "Is the lover so strict?" In the end, he swallowed it wisely.
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Eighteen-year-old Xu Yibai once walked into the largest music hall in the world. The decoration was magnificent and the audience was full. Xu Yibai is the first Chinese pianist to play solo here. He has hands that are like works of art.
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At two o'clock last night, Mr. Jiang had a nightmare. He dreamed that Chu Shaoyan brought someone back to Harbor City and took away everything he had now! After waking up from the nightmare, Mr. Jiang's clothes were wet, and he didn't sleep well the following night.
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With an ugly face, Xu Dahui grabbed the cigarette in front of Chu Shaoyan and lit it, took a heavy puff, and then said in a bitter voice: "The Guam gang is very accurate every time they attack! They seem to know which of our venues has fewer people and which of us There are many people in the field, and they specifically look for places with few people to smash. Moreover, they control the timing of each time to smash the field perfectly. When the time is up, they immediately retreat, and the retreat route is also the street where we basically have no defense. After that, no matter what No matter how hard we tried to find them, we couldn't find them, they seemed to have evaporated from the world." Speaking of this, Xu Dahui's body trembled uncontrollably, and he couldn't hold the cigarette in his hand steadily.
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"When I was young, I was on the road. I fought and killed for many years. The brothers who have been with me all these years have all passed away now. It doesn't matter if I stay alone in the Sanlianhui; I think it over, a People go to other parts of the world and enjoy the scenery that they wanted to see before, then I can leave this world with peace of mind." Liu Yong sighed.
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