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Immortal soldiers from the Seven Realms? ...

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This is very good, which means that Su Ran can continue to use the essence of the domain to improve the power of immortality in the future, and the strength of the immortal body can also continue to increase.

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"Okay, let's not gossip, this half month is your last chance to perform."

Su Ran smiled softly: "Naturally, I will go back to Wangu City first, my home is still there."

Forbidden in September!

Su Ran pondered and said, "I want to collect poisonous Gu and healing Gu from the entire central region, but I wonder if it can be done?"

The Realm Demon swiped across his head, the dark space was cut open, and the Realm Demon soared into the sky.

Qian Buer is still a second-rank Gu Master, with limited aptitude, Qian Buer can only cultivate to a seventh-rank Gu Master at the highest, and live for 700 years.

The Qianyue imprint is just a prototype, not yet perfect, Su Ran is worried that the flying immortal Gu will be stunted.

The land area, which could have existed for twenty years, now only has three years left. Not to mention Ouyang Qi, even Su Ran is full of malice towards Han Shizi and his group.

Not only the back of the chest, but now his whole body has thin armor that cannot be seen through, and outsiders can't see through his physical body at all.

Chang Qingzi looked back at the foggy area behind him, and said with emotion: "Finally, we've got out of the spooky spirit area, and the journey ahead will be smooth. How far is it from Zhongyu Continent?" .

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Patriarch Heikui, Patriarch Mitian, and Patriarch Zhetian are all dead souls. .

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