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【icici student loan study abroad 】 "Return!" After Chu Shaoyan ordered all the weapons on board to sink into the sea, he waved the only gun in his hand and shouted. The freighter let out a long cry, turned around slowly, and headed towards Zhoushan. 。

"No, her father was killed, and the body was found by the river this morning..."

At the critical moment of this confrontation, suddenly a few piercing car lights shot from a distance ahead! Chu Shaoyan squinted his eyes and took a closer look, and then he saw several white vans driving ahead again, and behind those vans were two expensive high-end cars!

After hearing Ye Tianhe's words, everyone in the conference room was stunned! At this moment, they were all shocked by Ye Tianhe's words! They thought that Ye Tianhe held a meeting today to deal with internal strife at noon, but they didn't expect that the chairman Ye Tianhe didn't mention that matter now, but gave Chu Shaoyan a heavyweight status!

The reason why Chu Shaoyan thought this way was because he estimated that it would be impossible for a legendary hero like Ye Tianhe to hand over the gang to an outsider like him! But here comes another problem! That is the attack of a powerful enemy. Now is the critical moment for Sanlian's harbor headquarters. Ye Tianhe let a good brother like Zhang Haohai not be reused. Why did he use Chu Shaoyan to protect Ye Ruoxi? At this moment, Chu Shaoyan fell into deep thought.

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Hearing Chu Shaoyan's words, Saha's eyes instantly dimmed, and he stared blankly at the ceiling with a regretful expression on his face.
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Then Chu Shaoyan walked up to the world-class killer Xileventola and hugged him.
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As for the vendetta launched against competitors, the 'Royal No. 2', with the support of Hong Lianhui, is naturally relentless, especially when dealing with the Shanghai Flower Entertainment World of the Butterfly Gang. , Exhausting all kinds of dirty methods and cruel methods. Including the previous massacre in Shanghai Flower Entertainment City, Hao Yun, the main controller of the 'Royal No. 2', was one of the main culprits, and Lu Zhen was an important accomplice.
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"Big brother, I'm yours now..." About half an hour later, just before she passed out, she stretched out her arms to hold the rock man's head, and whispered in his ear.
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"Understood, friend." Shearer smiled, gave himself a thumbs up, and boasted: "I am a world-class killer, and I am the best!"
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The key is that there is no medicine in hand at all, and there is no fresh water for cleaning the wound. If she is allowed to have such a high fever, once the wound festers, the mortality rate will be as high as 90%!
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"Sure, sure! Director Jiang, don't worry!" The young man nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.
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Helping her tuck in the quilt, staring at Yan Shuya's pretty face, Chu Shaoyan's heart was agitated: Is it right or wrong to develop with her to this point? In her Amanda Killer era, she was at odds with herself. If Amanda's killer personality and memory awakened in Yan Shuya's soul in the future, what kind of tragedy would happen?
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