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In the clear sky, the ancestors are watching themselves from far away! .

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This is to make things happen. The big shots in the Central Plains don’t have fuel-efficient lamps, but they dispatched the first general of the Gaoyang clan, plus the advisers who are more familiar with the south in the age of God, and at the same time have a long-range combat power ceiling.. ... ...

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Although the words on the mouth were offensive, the movements of the hands were not slow at all. Soon, several characters were cut out. As a famous handyman, Yijun was a good comrade with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, art and labor. ....

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Is this, what Yu Zai said, the power of water?

"The mountains and fields are our destination, and the heaven and the earth are our origin. Since the water under the mountains cannot return to the east, it should be buried here, silted up here, and become a barrier lake!"

Legend has it that there is a group of people who hate fire on the other side of the mountain and on the other side of the sea. They breathe fire and eat coal. They dig pits but do not fill them. They live freely in the big dark mine...

Everything is hazy, the night is deep, and the Milky Way evolves.

The gods said: "We will drive the wind and rain and clear the way for you!"

After discussing this giant level with several big bosses, it was decided to adopt the stone-covered soil construction method mentioned before.

Everyone has left, and the people in the homeland have disappeared.

There is no need to worry too much about this kind of matter until the final decision is made.

But now, Yu Zai put forward the suggestion of building checkpoints. This is a brand new idea, but it is also a challenge for the southern fields.

Chisongzi laughed, and took an iron knife: "You have seen this thing before, but the name is different, now it is called iron! And this kind of iron has been smelted and forged, you come and try it!" .

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