student loan forgiveness stimulus
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【remove student loan ashford university 】 "Come up!" Chu Shaoyan turned his head and shouted. 。

"Well, not long after the beginning of the year last year? I just finished my exam at that time!" Liu Xiyao said affirmatively.

Chu Shaoyan slapped him with a slap, his face was flushed red: "Go away, call your director here immediately!"

The leading girl leaned back, put her arms on the sofa, stared at Yang Dayu and said indifferently: "Boss Yang, we don't care about this expense at all! But that woman..."

"Hmph!" Luo Yun sat upright, seeing the awkward look of the rock man. The corner of her mouth couldn't help showing a smile, and after pulling back for a while, she couldn't help but feel a little proud in her heart. Suddenly she remembered something, turned around and knocked on Chu Shaoyan's head bitterly: " are the one who delayed, if..."

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Chu Shaoyan shook his head and said, "No need, Huading is very busy right now..."
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Speaking of this, her delicate face twisted slightly, obviously suffering from extreme pain in her heart.
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"Bang!" Suddenly there was a crisp sound at the door, and Chu Shaoyan and Zidie looked down in surprise, only to see Wu Tianhao standing there with a pale face, a tray, two broken teacups and a hot pot of tea lying on the ground. tea.
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At this time, he had already arrived in front of Song Yingjie's office, Chu Shaoyan let out a "hush" and walked in.
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Finally saw the house number of Macro Supermarket. This is a very large supermarket with a business area of at least tens of thousands of square meters. If a person hides in, it is probably quite difficult to find.
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"Are you an intruder?" Chu Shaoyan asked in surprise, "Why am I on you..."
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After all, behind her is an interest group - Jiangcheng Jiangdong faction! In addition to Jiang Jianfeng and Ye Xiangdong, the representatives of the Jiangcheng Jiangdong Department, there are five other people at the bureau level, namely Xiao Ming, director of the Municipal Personnel Bureau, Wu Xiaofeng, director of the Municipal Justice Bureau, Wang Xuguang, director of the Municipal Economic Commission, Xu Meiyuan, director of the Municipal Social Service Bureau, and Zhao Ming, director of Jinshan District. Late work, power is no small matter.
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Shangguan Zetian silently nodded and waved goodbye to the Jin family.
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