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【direct federal student loan servicing 】 Su Ran is holding a chicken feather as an arrow. It doesn't matter what he says, but what the other party thinks. 。

"Sixth turn?" King Yu Yi chuckled, "You want to win this king at sixth turn?"

On the side of the four saints are seven top Rank Nine Gu Immortals, including the two Great Elders of the Red Lotus Immortal Palace, the three ancestor priests of the Immortal Dynasty, and the two priests of the king leader.

A generation of demon envoys fell ill at the hands of Yu Yi.

Gu: "Su Ran has the last Jade Muscle Water Gu on his body, you don't want Su Ran to be controlled by the Moxin Sect, so that you have no chance to collect all nine Jade Muscle Water Gus.

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"Maybe catch Su Ran?" Dao Zhen was overjoyed.
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The strength of the source of thunder can continue to increase. I don't know, when the source of thunder reaches the limit of high-level domain power, can it fight back against the semi-transcendence!
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King Yu Yi was beheaded by thousands of demons, and the king's territory naturally returned to the control of the Immortal Dynasty, but nearly one-third of the ground area of the king's territory was destroyed, and the air of decadence permeated the entire king's territory.
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"How was King Yuyi's original cultivation?" Su Ran didn't hesitate to ask about King Yuyi's situation. He had a conflict with King Yuyi and it was almost made public.
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She met Qu Jinghong once as a thousand demons, and in Su City, Su Ran met Qu Jinghong once again as a Marquis of Su.
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Xi Hua, Xi Shang, and Xi Yue drilled out from the ground: "My lord, the ground area has been controlled, all ancestor priests have declared to serve, and all the Gu essences have been gathered."
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Under the fight, it is at least a one to two consumption ratio.
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Marquis Lihai and Marquis Hushan are not weak among the first-class marquises, especially Marquis Lihai, whose strength is so mysterious, how could he be taken down by Marquis Su so quietly?
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