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【usda small loan 】 Immediately, the shaking of Wangxiantai gradually stopped. 。

Wan Chongshan's smile froze on his face, he danced and waved his hands again and again and said, "Don't talk nonsense, little friend! If I, if I were the lord of a city, how could I do such peeping things? Besides, I have never been there... "

As if wanting to grab a life-saving straw, Lu Chengde's chest rose and fell, he took a deep breath, and then looked at An Ran expectantly.

Ji Chang responded subconsciously: "...what is beautiful?"

It's just that the senior sisters of Lingjieyu were obviously a little too enthusiastic.

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After all, his sword heart was stable, and in an instant, he cleared away all the confusion: "Besides, this has nothing to do with my path of swordsmanship! The difficulty of a mere strange disease will only make my sword heart more perfect!"
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"It's over. If I participate in this kind of competition next time, I'll tell someone to be a dog!"
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An Ran turned around and walked towards Xianyunju.
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You must know that in the Taixuan Sword Sect, Elder Jun Siyuan is notoriously old-fashioned!
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Just when An Ran was feeling suspicious, lines of crooked characters emerged.
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This finger seemed to come from the sky, and seven layers of seven-colored flames lingered, turning into terrifying visions, bursting, spinning, and spreading!
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An Ran thought for a moment, and replied seriously: "Wait, and have hope."
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"Well, no one has come to trouble me so far. I should have hidden it very well, so I haven't been noticed at all!"
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