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【mortgage after chapter 7 discharge 】 "Fight! Honey, why did you stop?" Seeing that Chu Shaoyan stopped, Starscream asked in a seductive manner. 。

Nuo Xue? Hearing these two words, Guan Nuoxue's delicate body trembled violently, her eyes opened wide, and she looked at Chu Shaoyan excitedly. Seeing Chu Shaoyan's self-blaming expression, Guan Nuoxue's heart trembled, and tears flowed from her eyes instantly.

Ye Qiu didn't notice the look on her face, and said lightly, "Get in the car."

The administrative director frowned, took out a contract, and said in a deep voice: "No, when your introducer came here before, he signed a contract with the restaurant. During Liu Rumeng's tenure, all the wages he earned will go to your agency In the company's account, this is a contract based on the wishes between you and Rumeng Liu.

Yan Mengjia carefully opened the wine bottle, then poured a glass along the side of the glass, for fear of spilling a drop.

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"You stupid pig!" Zheng Qingzhu cursed: "Didn't you say that they have some ace mercenaries? Those people in your place probably won't do much to catch up. Since they hired mercenaries, then we let other parties Come out, you must know that the whole world is fighting against terrorism. If you tell the government through special channels that they are all terrorists, do you think they can leave Bei'ao city alive?"
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When he was young, Chu Shaoyan was training in the wild for survival, but was thrown into the forest by his master. Not to mention the fragrant rice, even edible wild vegetables are pitiful, and eating raw meat is even more commonplace. Compared with that, the life in front of us is much happier, so naturally we should know how to cherish it.
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Yan Mengjia said coquettishly: "How can I be so delicate, who will do the work at home?
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"Thank you." Ye Tianhe took the incense, hesitated for a moment and said: "Shaoyan, you should come to offer incense too."
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Ye Qiu's heart tightened suddenly, his face was full of worry.
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"He went out to buy nutritional supplements for me, and he won't be back in a while. Nurse Tang is by my side now."
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The next morning, a smear of red slid across the sky, and it was particularly clear in the light blue sky. Gradually rising from the east, there were gradually more vehicles and pedestrians on the streets in the original scene, and a new day began again.
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Chu Shaoyan chuckled, then stood up and walked to the table, took out the jade tiger token and said, "Xie Lei, have you seen this thing before?"
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