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"Okay!" The driver responded, raised his leg and kicked the accelerator, and left with a bang. .

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"Jinlong didn't disappoint me, he was outstanding among his peers in terms of skill and mind, but he didn't achieve what I most hoped to see." Speaking of which, Ye Tianhe glanced at Chu Shaoyan and said: "Do you know what it is? " ...

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Sensing the anger in Ka Suo's eyes, General Cai Ba wondered why Ka Suo would help Chu Shaoyan out, but the situation did not allow him to think about it. He turned his head and glanced at the soldier, and said coldly, "Did you hear Mr. Ka Suo's words? After leaving for a while, cut off your own tongue!"

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At that moment, the whole Yunxia was like boiling water, completely boiling!

You act like a money fan, I guess there are two things, one is to make everyone hate you and earn some life;

Then, after the celebrities in Harbor City had finished their ceremony, the bosses of the major clubs and gangs on the streets of Baodao also walked in one by one. Compared with those celebrities in the business world, these gangsters are not as good at acting.

At this moment, the woman saw Jiang Li approaching, she got up quickly, and said in a weeping pear blossom, "Thank you benefactor for saving my son's life, thank you, thank you..."

Being slapped by Chu Shaoyan, Gu Bing's body instantly became extremely stiff. Fortunately, Chu Shaoyan's words behind him made him feel that Chu Shaoyan was not angry, so his mood stabilized, and then he took a deep breath. He said in a tone: "President Chu, what happened is like this..."

Jiang Li said, "Really?"

Immediately I cried...

Just as Cheng Shu was talking, his face suddenly changed!

Jiang Li pointed to the sky and said, "Just now he rushed towards me."

The policeman's voice was quite loud, and everyone around heard what he said, including the important politicians headed by Mayor Chen Zhiyuan. Chen Zhiyuan glanced back at Chu Shaoyan, frowned and thought for a few seconds, then said something to the assistant behind him. .

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As members of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Corps, Wen Sen and the others have rich combat experience, which is not comparable to that of ordinary club gangsters. In less than a minute, under Wen Sen's powerful firepower, more than half of the members of the ambush club died. .

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