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【national student loan program 】 "Chi!" With a soft sound, Chu Shaoyan dragged his body to a relatively secluded place, and continued to move forward, preparing to find the stairs to go down and control the drugs in his hand. 。

The policeman's face was as cold as ice, and she drove the police car and wanted to overtake the group of dudes to stop them, and then contacted the superiors to send them to the detention center one by one for the night. However, as soon as she stepped on the accelerator, the formation of those guys' sports cars changed, blocking her way to death.

"Very well, then, you can go to Hell and join Constantine. In about half an hour, your good brother Morris will report to you."

"Uh, do I need to tell lies in front of you?" Chu Shaoyan reached out to hold her little hand. The small hands are abnormally greasy, maybe they haven't held a gun for a long time, and even the calluses on the palms have faded away.

Bai Oak continued: "After receiving the report, Team Wang ordered five teams to come over to arrest the drug addicts. Unexpectedly, they encountered tenacious resistance and even had a gun battle. Those people were outnumbered and fled, but when Team Wang came over, they were in front of them. A large amount of drugs were found in the room!"

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Fortunately, Chu Shaoyan had sharper eyes than the eagle, and he could see the slight protrusion on the pillar at a glance, and immediately heard the slight ticking sound of the explosive device after climbing up.
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Today in the clubhouse, he is madly chasing girls with priceless diamonds. This rumor will be known to his old man sooner or later. It would be fine if Zhu Qixia catches her up, but now it's all a waste of time, and even the blue diamond is lost!
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The psychological change of the rock man immediately alarmed the sensitive goddess, she stared at him: "What's the matter? Are you unhappy? Shaoyan, if you are willing to take the burden on my shoulders, I would like to give birth to at least 3 years for you... for you. child!"
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"This man is very handsome." Chu Shaoyan said suddenly.
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I saw that this guy was more than 1.9 meters tall, and he was only wearing a thin T-shirt in winter. His body was full of muscles, and even his head was full of flesh.
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"Papa!" With two crisp sounds in the dense forest, the two gangsters had a huge blood hole in their foreheads pierced by bullets, fell off the sled, fell far away, and the unmanned sled hit the cedar. With a bang, the ice and snow on the pine trees were splashed down like heavy snow.
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The goddess did not fall asleep. After getting used to the darkness, she looked up and saw that the cave was covered with white snow, and the fluorescent light from the snow quietly eroded in. Everything looked dim and hazy. The rock man was sitting there, looking as solemn as a guardian angel.
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Then she smiled and asked, "The scenery on the mountain is very interesting, right? Have you ever climbed the cliff to be naughty?"
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