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Albert said with high spirits: "It can be said that although the Eastern Capital has been a mysterious country since ancient times, no matter what age there are strong people appearing. Even, in the previous battle of Nine Yi Mountain, there were also However, this time, we have made sufficient preparations, even if any strong person appears, we are still unstoppable! Today, no one can save Jiang Li!" ... m&t auto loan online payment

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Hearing someone shouting on the city wall, the fish monster frowned, and then said with a pooh: "A mere ants are worthy of being called gods?" ...

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Ge Wu thought that Jiang Li was calculating the price for taking him in, and after thinking about it, he said, "Not much."

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Hearing this, the prisoner roared angrily, "Death to the villain!"

He knew this old man, he was Liu Yu's servant.

"What?" people exclaimed.

But Xinheyue only has the strength of an eighth-level god...

Gu Xi said angrily: "Jiang Li, what the hell are you doing? The current situation is very clear, it is clear that the gods want to deal with you, and they are paving the way for themselves. When people all over the world agree that you are guilty, even if they use Any power against you, no one will speak for you! You are likely to be infamous forever!

After finishing speaking, Jiang Li hugged Qian Mo and left, passing by those terrified children, he said with a smile: "Don't be afraid, I played games with your grandparents, it was all fake, it didn't hurt at all. Believe it or not, look how happy they are."

"It's a strengthened poisonous mist. It is said to be Gou's unique secret book. It can triple all the attributes of any poisonous insect! All insects will be tripled, which means that Changlong must use three times stronger power to deal with insects, otherwise , It won’t burn to death at all.” Someone exclaimed.

No matter what you say, they have countermeasures.

Jiang Li's stubborn temper suddenly came up: "Hey, you are still stubborn with me, aren't you? Let's see who can be more stubborn than the other!"

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Haizhou City is not a core city in the Eastern Capital, but with the concentration of the population into the city, the population in the big city has also surged to three million! .

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