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According to the information given by Bei Gonghen, Marquis Qian Shan did not get Yujishui for a long time, it was obtained by chance. ... adding earnings to tax free compund interest growth

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"That's not necessarily the case!" .

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The worship of the eldest son and the second son is almost the same.

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The Patriarch Heishan won, Su Ran won, and there was no need to fight the rest of the round.

Su Ran played four rounds, he played three rounds of the second round, and another round of the third round.

Worship house.

It was only after the battle that Su Ran found out that Old Demon gave him the ice puck because he really expected the difficulties he would encounter.

When You Qu saw the strong man, his face was slightly happy: "So it's Er Yue Master!"

It was really an accident that Zu Fengfeng and the Great Elder were recruited by the Yin Demon, but they are both extremely important to their respective forces and must not die!

The power of weak water, Su Ran has already prepared for it.

After all, it was only a few days before the battle against Qian Shanhou.

Su Ran broke the protective cover of the natal Gu, and began to pinch the natal Gu.

Su Ran said again: "It's okay for you to stay in Beigong City. Now that you have wiped out the Beigong leader, the Immortal Dynasty may send masters to capture and kill you. Moreover, as far as I know, the Seventh Prince will also kill you in the past few days." Descending to Kita Miyagi." .

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Caimei Shangxian once again appeared in Yuyi King's Territory. .

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