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test. taking name off mortgage affect credit An Ran touched the burial copper coffin that came up, whispered a few words to the copper coffin, the copper coffin seemed to understand something, swayed in place, and dozens of legs disappeared without a trace. ….

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"To hell with the blue sky and the day!"

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But at this moment, standing behind An Ran, admiring the nape of the young man in white, and listening to his eloquent and eloquent talk, the Saintess of Lianyue felt in a trance, feeling that her previous plan had been disrupted. ...doesn't seem like a bad thing either.

"It's about the future of Xianlu, how dare we play tricks and be lazy?"

Break through the catastrophe, and you will be able to sense the mystery.

"Boy An, don't worry about this guy, he's just scared by you."


They set up a series of tests, with tricky angles and astonishing difficulty. There are ninety-nine tests in total.

At least... a potential enemy!

Li Zhong felt that he could not understand.

But An Ran knows her own affairs.

Immortal King Gu Tuo hid his hands in his sleeves, and his breath was floating, obviously he did not dare to take it lightly. .

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