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【online loans good credit 】 Step backwards, slide out a smooth curve on the ice, accumulate power on the rear outer edge, and take off! 。

- The servants off the court, the emperor on the court;

Deng Chang thought about it, and added: "Your skates are very expensive."

"Hey! You——" Deng Chang just started, trying to stop the conversation between the two, but Lu Xi had already entered Duan Chengzhang's mobile phone number into his address book.

I have gone through all the tension from last night until now, and now I am completely relaxed standing in the middle of the ice rink.

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"Moonlight Sonata" is a very famous piano piece. The slowly flowing music is like a poem, and Deng Chang's person on the ice is like a ray of moonlight flowing.
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Gu Qianqian's brows stood on end, and her almond eyes stared at her. Lu Xi immediately obediently confessed, sat at the dining table, and obediently finished eating the diced eggplant noodles, crispy chicken legs, and strawberries that Gu Qianqian served him. The sauce is icy.
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Lucy rubbed his eyes.
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The double jump in the second half, 4Lo+3T, was perfect, and 4F+3T, also perfect. This is also Varichenko's most difficult set of performances. If the technical score is full, it will reach an unbelievable 120+. Lao Wa has never been on a show of this difficulty.
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Of course, there was no suspense in the domestic Winter Olympics qualifiers. Deng Chang easily won the opportunity to travel for the country. It didn't take long for him to compete in the Grand Prix finals and the Winter Olympics.
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But Orihara and the two of them have a very good relationship. In the previous Star of the Century ice show, Japan also invited the two to be together.
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Lu Xi painted a ladle as a gourd, trying to raise the corners of his mouth.
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Finally, Chen Qi had a flash of inspiration, "The two of you ignore the camera and compare your footwork around the field, just follow your usual rules."
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