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【normal small business loan 】 "Your skin is very good, I really like it." The yin and yang shrimp gently stroked his skin and said, "Don't worry, I will treat you well..." 。

Xu Huan jumped into the air and turned into a ray of light. From top to bottom, with the scimitar in his hand, he slashed and killed Xiang Xiagan!

"Xia Gan! You have become so strong..."

Tang Kai couldn't continue to attack, restrained his murderous aura, pretended to be calm, and smiled at Su Xinyue: "Hehe, I was just joking with him, why should Senior Sister Xinyue be nervous?"

The sixth level of Tiangang Realm!

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"Zhou Changfeng, it's not settled yet, don't you think it's too early to be happy?" Luo Nian said coldly, unwilling to meet Zhou Changfeng's complacent eyes.
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It's just that the distance is too far, he can't see who these corpses are for a while?
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"What am I going to do? Of course I want to walk into the light of guidance." Xia Gan said with a sneer without looking back, "I don't have time to waste here
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"I know the Nine Heavenly Lotus! It's almost a legendary fetish! As long as a person is half-breathed, taking it can make them recover within a day! But the Nine Heavenly Lotus not only has the ability to heal injuries, It can also make cultivators cut their hairs and cleanse their marrow, and improve their cultivation! Once they appear in the world, they will definitely attract all kinds of powerful people to compete for it! How can our Guo family have the ability to compete for the Nine Heavenly Lotus?"
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"What? The Hongmeng tree has appeared!"
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