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Zhao Xiu took the red wine from the waitress, raised the glass and said, "Shaoyan, Cheers!" ... how to get rid of metal credit card

test. why is a credit card a type of debt? "Mingdao, you just left, what should I do with the child!" ….

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how to earn a credit limit increase - what insulation qualifies for energy tax credit . "In the past few years, Bingbing has not been going well." Yuan Jiyu smiled bitterly, "After she retired from the army, she started a business for a while, but she didn't make any money. The old man left early, and no one sold her account. And those old men in the family who are still alive, even the old honest ones, are posting now. Do you still remember the strong man in the compound of the Chenzhou Military Region? The one who was bullied the most by Bingbing back then is now the boss of Dongsheng Group Already!" |.

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Chu Shaoyan smiled bitterly: "Is there any other way?" .

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Zhao Zhaoping was the first to jump up and shouted angrily: "Comrade Juntian, I think you just came to Jiangcheng from the army, so you don't know much about local affairs! I know more about the relationship between you and Chu Shaoyan, please speak Consider your party spirit, please don't be too partial!" ...

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"I used to be an officer of the special forces." The man in black said lightly, "With this level of defense, it is not too difficult for me to get in and out."

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The information provided by Chu Shaoyan was very valuable. Two hours later, Song Yingjie, together with Wu Tianhao and Jin Shangbang, launched a surprise attack on a chemical factory under Guanghua Group, where they found Hu Bijun and his family. Unfortunately, they are already cold corpses. After inspection by the police, all of these people had their throats cut.

"It turns out that qigong really exists in the world!" Until then, Li Rongrong was convinced of this.

Thirty minutes later, the two sat down in the office of the president of Huading Group, and Luo Xiaoxiao served coffee. As for Chu Shaoyan, he just received a call and walked out.

"Feiyan, you...what did you call me?" He stared at the woman absentmindedly and asked.

Obviously, if it is as expected, he will marry Shangguan Zetian, which means that other women will have an awkward relationship with him and have no legal status. But what about children, what about their identities? illegitimate child? Thinking of this term, Chu Shaoyan's heart shrank suddenly.

Liu Danyan also burst into tears, shaking her head and said: "Zetian, you don't need to apologize, and Cheng Yu, don't cry, you have someone to take care of you, I... have always been a redundant woman, an ominous woman, my birth itself was a mistake... "

Chu Shaoyan couldn't reply, so he stood up suddenly and nodded, "I'll make coffee for you."

"Shaoyan, come and kneel with me, let's give Dad a prayer of worship!"

"The possibility of forgery is very small?" Guan Nuoxue rolled her eyes in disdain, "I think it is 100% fake! I saw that woman Zhao Yanni last time. She looks like a vixen with hooked eyes. She is not a good person at first sight! "

Moreover, Bai Feiyan is a woman with a very special status, especially because of her father's position. If she falls into the camp of her opponent Zhao Zhaoping, the consequences will be quite serious. The influence of status is enough to push the mayor Xiao Zhengnan out of the municipal government! .

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However, the more frustrated the rock man is, the happier the women are, even Liu Danyan. .

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