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However, Huali Group and Guanghui Group also maintain a good momentum. In particular, Guanghui Group has made great efforts to reform. Recently, there are more and more cooperation between Huading and Guanghui Group. The projects range from construction industry, tourism industry, hotel industry, logistics, Shipping to new energy, more flowers. ... first fidelity bank car loan online payment

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When she came to the terrace, Steward Mei was bending over to place things. She was also wearing silk pajamas, her two round buttocks were lifted up, and under the close-fitting silk wrap, she showed her incomparable curves to the rock man behind her truly and gracefully. .

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"Big wood, you are really necrotic!" Ye Jinlin whispered into the rock man's ear, and the warm words reached the rock man's ears. ...

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Although being lifted by the neck like a dead dog, Luo Daifan, the son of Luo Jie, was still stubborn and yelled arrogantly.

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A big player with a height of 1.88 meters and a weight of 200 also tried to pull the pull, but his face was swollen to the color of a pig's liver and he couldn't move an inch, so he couldn't move his tongue.

The guy who was hit hard on the face was beaten to spit out a mouthful of blood and fell back. However, Chu Shaoyan shot out, his right palm caught the rock man's shoulder and twisted, then his left knee bent forward and hit the guy's ribs with a bang, only to hear a burst of crackling Noisy, I don't know how many bones are broken!

After Luo Yun and Nangong Chengyu glanced at each other, they both got in. Inside was a small space, and then drilled through a hole to enter a larger space. Chu Shaoyan was squatting on the ground and constantly climbing up the rubble, and the slender limbs of the children could be faintly seen in the rubble.

Chu Shaoyan picked up a bowl of noodles, ate them with a snort, and said, "Everyone's energy is low at night, and you will continue to work during the day tomorrow. The fifty of you are divided into two shifts, pouring every four hours, and saving your energy for tomorrow." Prepare for the decisive battle of the day!"

"Boss, did you see it when I got in the wrong car just now? Cough cough, I didn't exaggerate, did I? God! No, he's even more attractive than a god. With that figure, he is definitely a devil, a devil!"

As soon as these words came out, Shangguan Zetian's body trembled. Obviously, the word explosion touched her heartstrings, reminding her of her father's blood feud!

"Who!?" Suddenly an old voice shouted, and then a gray figure shot towards the back like an arrow. It turned out to be the old butler of the manor who had been bowing his waist!

At this time, everyone could see that his shape was not right, and they all stared at the ring nervously! The two sides once again missed, this time quietly.

Howard Bright also nodded and said: "Mr. Lopez has a unique ability in raising political donations, which was even appreciated by President Bush. Last year, Mr. Lopez was invited by the President to go hunting in the family estate and spent a week together s holiday."

"You also hired a rescue team?" Luo Yun asked, looking at the Huading company's team. .

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Before the card was opened, Chu Shaoyan suddenly smiled and stopped everyone's behavior: "If there is no objection, I would like to temporarily raise 15 million!" .

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