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Perhaps even the "Hong Lianshe" did not expect that it was precisely because of their offensive plan in an extraordinary period that they gave Chu Shaoyan an opportunity to attack and merge the hostile forces within the "Hong Lianshe"... ... student loan terms and rates

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"The power of the first night?" Chu Shaoyan was furious for a moment, his whole body trembling. ...

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"Understood." Lan Die asked suddenly: "Then why didn't you let them set off the fire? I think as long as you let it go, it will definitely deal a big blow to the 'Hong Lianshe', and it will also save you the current trouble."

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"Who!? Who the hell is up there!" Dozens of people roared angrily, but there was no answer from above, and there was a dead silence.

As for Shangguan Lingjiao and Guan Nuoxue, they were completely panic-stricken, one was nagging, the other was dull-eyed, the once lively little witch had sunken eye sockets after a night of torment, and her palms were bloody from being pinched by herself; Guan Nuoxue stared at the two pandas and stared at the lake in panic, her face ashen.

Ye Qiu sneered: "I peeled off your skin, what's the difference between you and the villains outside?"

Once poured into the toilet, it becomes feces. Even the farmer uncle hates something, so I have the nerve to mention 50,000 here.

"It's still early, darling, don't bark!" Xia Zi gently stroked his buttocks.

Chu Shaoyan's eyes narrowed, he threw the two corpses into the separate compartment of the toilet, looked around, and suddenly jumped into the gap between several pipes.

When talking about the selection of the general manager, Zhu Luo suddenly took a look at Chu Shaoyan: "You Mr. Chu has a quick mind and outstanding talent. Can you be sent to the United States to serve?" .

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