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【are interest free purchases ok 】 The moon hunter's voice was very loud, and the people near the city lord's mansion heard this sentence, and the noise was everywhere. 。

Fourth-rank Moonhunter, nothing.

"What is left in Minggu Mountain? Immortal Gu is very spiritual, and seems to be able to understand human speech, but I can't understand its meaning."

Three punches killed Qiao Yan.

"The Ouyang family has used the third-rank legendary Gu worm Shuanglu fixed breath Gu. It seems that the third-rank Gu master of the Ouyang family has the upper hand and is chasing the enemy."

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At the age of 200, he stole a book to teach Gu art from the Beautiful Gu Academy in the Central Territory, and then fled the Central Territory to wander around. At the age of 240, he came to Beiyuan City and established the Gu Academy in Beiyuan City... pay car loan online
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At this time, Ouyang Qing took out another Gu, and said loudly: "Everyone, don't worry, we overcomplicated Su Ran's thinking before, maybe he is not as powerful as we thought!"
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"Gu skills are naturally comprehended by Gu masters. Gu skills can use multiple Gu insects together and evolve into various effects. Gu skills and insect skills can even cooperate with each other. Gu skills are broad and profound, but unfortunately I understand not much.
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However, Ziyi on the side said softly: "The matter of the Central Territory is not too much of a secret. In fact, it's okay for Qin Shu to tell Mr. Su directly."
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But the facts have to be talked about as they are.
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The Divine Gu Dao is another way of cultivation that was researched by the predecessors many years ago because they could not become a Gu Master. It can be said that the Divine Gu Dao represents a brand new cultivation system.
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Every downgrade of a Gu worm is a rebirth, old memories are forgotten, and new memories are created.
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And insect skills are not common, because insect skills are comprehended by Gu insects, the number of insect skills that can be used at the same time is much higher than the number of Gu skills used.
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