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The two giant beasts that were fighting let go of each other by coincidence, and looked at Yuzai at the same time. ...

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The top of Lutai Mountain is rich in white jade, and the bottom of the mountain is rich in silver. Most of the wild animals in the mountain are cattle, sheep, and white horses. There is also a bird in the mountain, which is shaped like an ordinary rooster but has a human-like face. Its cry is like calling its own name. Wherever it appears, there will be war.

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The masked man quickly waved his hand at Beimen Cheng, and Beimen Cheng also hurriedly said, "Why would I ask you to recommend him!"

Yan Xu is very stubborn. Even though the child was slapped on the head by the masked man several times, he still bites his mouth. The masked man is helpless. He originally wanted the child to learn some basic spells so that he could become his teacher, but now , the child was determined to live forever, so the masked man had no choice but to ask:

Xuanniao is a swallow.

After everyone was silent for a long time, there was a little whispering just now, and then Xiongtao made a summary of the matter, meaning that Yan Zai was very good at educating these children with bad personalities. The teaching is done, and now, Luoshen, the water god who loves to bully others, has also been taught to be good by the concubine.

In the mist and rain, the haze reappeared, the eyes disappeared, the huge monster opened its bloody mouth, and a foul smelling and rotten turbid air swept across the mountains like a torrent, covering the sky and rain!

After two or three days, Yan Zai and Hong Chao suddenly came to look for Xie Hou, and Yan Zai was holding a strange thing.

Xie Hou came over, pointed a finger at Yan Zai's eyes, leaned forward, but quickly returned to his normal state, cold and hoarse, word by word, the finger shook up and down, and said to Yan Zai: " Raising pigs, God is waiting for you inside, and I'm waiting for you outside."

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The people of the Shang tribe reported to the big leader, but now the big leader of the Shang tribe is not Zhaoming, because of the incident in the Central Plains, Zhaoming rushed to Tao Tang to participate in the "Seminar on Combat against the Four Emperors". The nephew, the witch of the Shang tribe, must attend this meeting.

She wanted to weave a totem of the sun, and after repeated inquiries, she confided, and showed her handicraft. .

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Tianshenxuan was very ashamed and annoyed at once, looking at the other side, the man named "Wubuda" was giving him some information about his dental science. He did have a certain understanding of the plants in the swamp. , also has its own basic logic for the environmental causes of geographical mountains and rivers. Of course, it is not as detailed and transparent as the concubine said, but it is still a rare geography expert in ancient times. Even with Shuhai, Taizhang and others It's not much worse than that. .

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