how to pay off a 15-year mortgage in 10 years
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【second mortgage foreclosures 】 After killing Changqingzi, the problem of Zhongyu was indeed not resolved. 。

In Beigong City, a big disturbance is taking place.

Huang Mu shouted loudly, and wanted to release the star glow Gu with the sword in his hand.

Beigong Qingshan's plan is perfect, avoiding all kinds of conspirators hiding in the dark, but unable to avoid Su Ran, the magic envoy who does not take an unusual path!

When Su Ran disappeared, Bei Gonghen's concerned thoughts quietly dissipated, and a tinge of coldness appeared.

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Su Ran landed on the corner of the eaves of Fubo Tower, standing with her hands behind her back.
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Yue Nuer said happily: "Here, this is the Gu of the secret method of He Gu, not Immortal Gu, but it is very special. It has extraordinary domain power of the fire system, which is much stronger than elementary domain power, but weaker than medium domain power. Without your I can't resist the power of immortality."
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Before the war started, the enemy was timid, and he was alone.
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This is also the reason why Beigong Qingshan made the first son when the spirit of Gu was born.
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Lao Ji's two natal Gu floated in the air.
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The Demon Heart Sect kills people one after another, which is scary.
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The master of Fubo Mansion was silent, he was puzzled.
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Su Ran dispelled the unrealistic thoughts that arose in his mind.
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