if the risk-free rate is 2% and the interest rate on a risky asset is 6%, the risk premium is
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【is unlevered free cash flow is before interest expense 】 "Stop!" Chu Shaoyan raised a finger, stared at her gloomyly and coldly, then picked up the mobile phone on the ground, looked at the number he just dialed, and asked coldly, "Who did you call just now?" Number?" 。

"Yes!" A major officer who was directing his subordinates to rescue immediately stood at attention and saluted. Then he saw Chu Shaoyan jumping up, his eyes lit up, and he shouted: "Captain, it's you!"

Chu Shaoyan didn't even bother to talk to this unqualified young lady of the Dugu family. He stared at Situ Jun and said: "Mr. Situ, please take your woman away." Jun recently got engaged to Dugu Yuzhen, that's why Chu Shaoyan said so.

When he learned the inside story five minutes later, he couldn't help sneering. Tranquilizer? Sure enough, a good method. It seems that Nangong Mingdao and Nangong Chengfeng's nephew and uncle are indeed an alliance of interests. This Nangong Chengfeng is so insane for the sake of power, he has the heart of a wolf, and he must guard against it! And he looked at Cheng Yu with something wrong, it was definitely not the normal way an elder brother looks at a younger sister!

The two then headed towards the VIP room under the leadership of the man.

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"Understood, thank you." Chu Shaoyan walked quickly to the open door and knocked, then pushed the door open and entered.
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Almost nothing can be seen, everything is water and nothing but water.
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Bai Feiyan burst into sobs suddenly, choked up and said: "Yeah, I know... I will go to beg Zetian, even if I kneel to her for seven days and seven nights. However, you can't talk for nothing... being raped by another woman Threatening, you will give up on me again..."
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Zhao Zhaoping is the youngest grandson of Zhao Chengbi, the seventh eldest in the family, followed by six older sisters. Of the six elder sisters of the Zhao family, only Zhao Zhaoping, the only seedling, could be loved. It can be said that they held him in their palms for fear of falling, and held him in their mouths for fear of melting.
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Arrived early? Chu Shaoyan's eyebrows twitched slightly, and he unbuttoned his collar angrily. Today's weather is very hot and dry, it seems that something is about to happen...
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Luo Yun's expression was very cold, with a chilling aura.
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Having said that, every time he took a step, his brows could not help but tremble slightly. There are too many scars on the body, and several of them even hurt the muscles and bones.
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Hua Youlan's body trembled, and she asked in a muffled voice, "How do you know?"
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