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【business loans soft credit check 】 Jiang Dahai, who was originally gloomy, couldn't help but light up when he heard Ye Jinlong's words. The reason why he was so angry today was because of Jiang Langtao's incident, and the main reason was because Chu Shaoyan took away his original position as the captain of Ye Tianhe's bodyguard when he came! 。

"Uncle Liu, my body has recovered, and I don't need to take medicine anymore!" Abao gave a smirk. It seems that after this period of getting along, the relationship between him and Liu Yong is good.

"Hey, look, it's him!"

Only ten minutes later, Starscream left Ye Jinlong's subordinates behind; Starscream also reported the timely situation of the Sanlian Association in Harbor City to Chu Shaoyan.

Saying that, Qian Shan strode back into the club, Zhao Feifei looked back at Dong Junmao, stomped his feet, and hurriedly followed him in.

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"Thank you." Ye Tianhe took the incense, hesitated for a moment and said: "Shaoyan, you should come to offer incense too."
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"Please tell me exactly what's going on, otherwise I won't be able to eat this meal." Zhang Chengzhou looked at the four or five hard dishes on the table, feeling a little bit overwhelmed.
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In the room, no one answered Chu Shaoyan's words.
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"You may lose your job." Zhang Chengzhou shrugged.
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About twenty minutes later, Mike drove the car to the southern suburbs of Nanxiong City. The southern suburbs of Nanxiong City are relatively desolate, and few people can be seen on the streets. The lights of the residential buildings were basically all off, except for some dilapidated 24-hour hotels on both sides of the street; Chu Shaoyan found the entrance of a hotel that was not easy to find, and asked Mike to stop the car. After Mike left, Chu Shaoyan took Ye Ruoxi into the hotel.
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Seeing that Chu Shaoyan didn't speak, Liu Yong suddenly showed a relaxed expression. If Chu Shaoyan hadn't understood the speed of the face change, he would definitely be surprised.
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"Don't worry." Qian Shan raised his hand.
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"Shaoyan, they are all influential figures in the government of Harbor City." Ye Tianhe whispered to Chu Shaoyan about the identities of those people.
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