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It seemed that the other party hadn't heard anything about this big move, which surprised Chu Shaoyan. Although everything was carried out according to top-secret procedures, due to the many departments involved and the complicated approval procedures, he did not think that the enemy would not find any clues. But the fact is that the enemy is still meticulously continuing the previous trajectory without any change. ... estimate small business loan interest rates

test. small loan for service connected veterans Chu Shaoyan knew about this method of death. It is said that this method of death is very common in foreign secret service departments, and those secret agents would commit suicide once they fell into the hands of the enemy, the purpose is to keep secrets. But why did the gringo kill himself? Chu Shaoyan frowned. ….

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personal loan to pay off small mortgage to buy second home - how to get a small business loan at 20 .After thinking about it again and again, Chu Shaoyan began to submerge Taiqing magical skills, but when he started to go into the sea, countless large and small wounds on his body that had just healed were stung by the sea water, which was quite painful, but this pain was for Chu Shaoyan with super strong nerves It's nothing. |.

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Although these flames were forced to be two meters away, they were still quite powerful, and even curled his hair, and the temperature of his body surface also rose sharply. If it wasn't for his body being too pure, he would have become a barbecue! .

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"I will accompany you." Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly, tore open the trouser leg and saw that an irregular piece of pentagonal iron sheet was inserted into her thigh, and blood was still gushing out. ...

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"It's okay." Chu Shaoyan forced a smile and said, "Abao, you go back to sleep first, I'll go out to do something."

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Mentioning her father, the girl's pretty face suddenly twisted slightly. Clearly certain memories touched her heart, because of her father, she had lost so much. The joy of childhood and the happiness of the family, everything is because of the father, why would the father kill someone! ? This question used to haunt her weak heart again and again, and today it gave her a splitting headache again.

About 20 minutes later, Chu Shaoyan led everyone to the People's Hospital. Since Xu Dahui had already prepared everything, not long after entering the hospital, the director brought a lot of experts to the ward where Toyotomi Maaya was.

"Big brother! Big brother!" At this moment, the girl on the cliff screamed.

Could it be those pigeon eggs? So why am I okay? The girl was puzzled.

At this moment, Chu Shaoyan didn't think so much, he didn't even look at Zhang Guangsheng on the boat, he hugged Toyotomi Maaya's body tightly.

"Hey, why don't these old warships destroy it?" Wu Tianhao was amazed.

"It's not Wensen who invited you here, I invited you here." Before Wensen could speak, Chu Shaoyan took off his sunglasses and sneered.

"Bang!" The wine bottle came into intimate contact with the middle-aged bald man's head, making a muffled sound. Unlike the last time, Guan Nuoxue was angry last time, but she was rational, so she controlled her strength and didn't break the bald man's head! But this time, Guan Nuoxue was completely pissed off at this time. After one bottle, the bald man's head suddenly blossomed, and blood flowed out instantly!

After everyone exchanged greetings, Zhou Ziran said: "Mr. Chu can come to our Changzhou border, and the people of Changzhou are very welcome! We have seen the performance and courage of Huading Group in recent years, and we in Changzhou are also willing to contribute to the development of Huading Do your part!"

"He's the boss behind the casino! He's so awesome!" .

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After the meeting, Ye Tianhe brought Chu Shaoyan into his office. After the office door was closed, Ye Tianhe said apologetically to Chu Shaoyan: "Shaoyan, I'm sorry, you were wronged at the Sanlian meeting just now." .

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