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【sallie mae student loan relief 】 "Crack!" His wrist was broken like a straw, and then the screaming guy was kicked back, like a cannonball, hitting the wolf that was following behind him and rolling all over the ground! 。

"That night, I was awakened by my mother's screams. I went to see my mother rolling on the ground with her stomach in her arms. Her face was distorted, and purple-black blood flowed from her eyes, nose, and mouth. I was so frightened that I fainted and fell to the ground. When I woke up, it was already the next day, and my mother passed away. It was summer, and her clothes were very few, her thighs and hands were exposed, and there were mice and cockroaches crawling on them...

Then immediately find the son of the deceased, because this person is likely to be the key person in the case; immediately search the source of the guns of these gangsters, to prevent the gangsters from continuing to do harm to society;

Chu Shaoyan pondered for a moment and said: "Probably not. Ma Rongzhong was not disposed of by the Hong Lianshe because of his daughter, which is beyond my expectation. By the way, do you want me to help?"

Although Chen Sibo was not very obedient, he was not so arrogant after all. It was no wonder that the provincial staff who had been to the Ningcheng Bureau were all angrily: It is purely an independent kingdom!

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Zhao Zhaoping smiled and shook his head: "Secretary Wang, next year is the exhibition year in Jiangcheng, and the situation in Jiangcheng will be very complicated. A small group of separatists at home and abroad are likely to take the opportunity to make trouble, so there is a reason for the Security Bureau to raise security standards."
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Guan Nuoxue said with a "cut": "I don't think so! Is the medical skill of Dongying people must be the best in the world? And our Chinese medicine, why don't you try Chinese medicine? Maybe it will play a big role Woolen cloth!"
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Jiang Zhengfeng pushed open the car door hastily and dialed Yu Zhonghao, the chief of the Public Security Bureau: "Where are you now? Immediately use means to drive these people away! If necessary, please call the armed police. Well, I will notify Secretary Xiao , That's it, Minister Fei is still waiting."
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At this time, Liu Churui looked at his watch and sneered, "It's been fifteen minutes. You eight big men dealt with a few girls, but you didn't take them down, and each of you was seriously injured. You are a bunch of idiots!"
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A group of five cars then headed straight for Baoguo Temple. Lu Hong, who had driven a few kilometers away from the front seat, suddenly turned his head and said, "Commander Shu, there is a tail behind."
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"Can you see it?" Li Rongrong asked in surprise.
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"Your mother?" Chu Shaoyan was puzzled.
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Not long after reaching the hillside, an earth-shattering thunderbolt illuminated the sky like daylight, and everyone saw a line of tall Bai Lian rushing down from the valley, and hundreds of meters in front of Bai Lian, a figure taller than a galloping horse Hurry up and run towards the hillside like the wind!
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