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In the eastern sky, a huge phantom tree with a height of 100 meters slowly appeared!

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Tang Kai became angry and completely lost his demeanor, like a violent beast!

As Wu Jue and Zhuo Buyi said that day, if their cultivation bases were both at the first level of the Tiangang Realm, Huang Xiaolin would not be a match for any of them!

Xia Gan went all the way in, and found that the situation was just as he had guessed. This sect site had been lost for many years. Although some treasures of heaven and earth were found, they were all rotten and turned into loess as soon as they were touched. Useful.

"Hmph, a piece of trash at the fourth level of the Heavenly Gang Realm! More useless than I imagined! Facing the monsters! How dare you hide behind the guards and survive!"

But Xia Gan did not retreat!

Cheng Lei shouted angrily at Xia Gan, furious!

As for Tang Kai, he really doesn't take it seriously. If this person is smart enough, he will forget today's unhappiness. Get off Tang Kai's head!

And the three killers that Xiao He paid a huge price to hunt down and kill him before, he can easily deal with them next time he encounters them.

"I don't know if Xia Gan can withstand He Chunfeng's Great Sun Sword? If he can withstand this blow! The outcome is unpredictable? If he can't resist it? He will die directly!"

Bloodthirsty thief Xue Hong's hands have fallen, his fingers are like hooks, and he wants to take Xia Gan's head off! .

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