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【a small loan of a million donuts 】 Wu Tianhao obviously anxiously said: "Hey, boss, if Song Yingjie doesn't withdraw, why should I withdraw?" 。

Chu Shaoyan smiled slightly, reached out and stroked her head lightly: "Why, lonely?"

Shangguan Lingjiao turned her head, but saw a pair of caring and warm eyes, her heart suddenly became hot, and her pitch-black beautiful eyes became hazy involuntarily. "elder brother……"

"The conditions of the Municipal Party Committee Guest House are very good! In the past, I have stayed in the guest house many times during emergency meetings of the Municipal Party Committee, and it can fully meet all my needs!"

And the once arrogant princelings who ran rampant in Yangpu District and bullied the city were completely defeated. Except for Liu Churui who was exempted due to mental illness, most of the rest went to jail!

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"You know how to beat a girl, do you have any face?" Shangguan Lingjiao tried her best to turn her head, stared at the beast with hatred, and sprayed her saliva on his face with a "pooh".
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At this time, the doorknob clicked lightly, and a head came in.
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"Ah!? Hehe, brother Shaoyan, what are you doing? No need...hehe!"
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"Where do these materials come from?" Luo Zhifeng raised his head and asked through reading glasses.
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"What are you doing?" At this time Liu Churui turned around, "I originally meant to put you in the cell of the murderer, so that your life would be worse than death, but Lao Xing, who doesn't know what to do, refused to do so. If that's the case, then It’s cheap for the green turtles!”
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Chu Shaoyan quickly walked over to support her, and complained in a low voice: "Your knee is injured, what are you doing out?"
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Zi Die nodded vigorously: "The so-called great man is for the country and the people. We are going to eradicate that evil official, and it is also a great thing for the country and the people. Didn't the deputy mayor Wang say it before, the people of Wujiang City Of course you will thank us!"
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Due to its location at the junction of Jiangbei Province and Jiangcheng, the transportation is convenient, and it is located in the key tourist area of the two provinces, Huxue Town has always been extremely developed in certain industries. For example: flesh and blood trading and gambling, and drugs.
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