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As if to confirm the other party's conjecture, Gelu spit out words: "God, Gu!" ... personal loan to start a business

test. credit union business loan or line of credit This group of Westerners immediately understood the meaning of Jiang Li and Qian Mo's words, they were driving people away! ….

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Hearing Jiang Li calling him, Da Ha Ceng jumped up, and everyone vaguely saw a long object falling from his crotch to the ground... .

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Gu Xi said: "We are not scaring you, but just reminding you, no matter when it comes to you, don't take it lightly." ...

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The chisel split from Jiang Li's head, and Jiang Li tilted his head to look at the old ghost.

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Hei Lian said: "Theoretically, if I have enough resentment, I can destroy anything."

Jiang Li didn't care, after a while, Qian Mo crawled into his arms...

Obviously, the Tibetan Fox King didn't intend to say anything at all, and he didn't even have the idea of pretending to be coercive. His idea was very simple and direct, that is to kill the target! For the rest, we'll talk about it later!

Then Jiang Li used other mobile phones to reply one by one.

In the sky, a god shrouded in white light watched all this indifferently, and said indifferently: "The devil will be extinct in the end. The god will illuminate the night sky."

Jiang Li was about to turn around and knock Liu Yu unconscious, but he saw Liu Yu smiling there.

The man smiled immediately: "If I don't have one and I still want to go in, what can you do?"

Cheng Shu said: "No problem, but what kind of problems do you want to know about? If it's general, there are many libraries. Also, your university also has history teachers, and they should know a lot."

But the white meteor faded in the sky, it seemed that the power that Gu had left in Gru's body had dissipated...

Then Jiang Li suddenly realized that it should be the incident where the world's resentment surged and gathered on him. Chang Sunbao didn't know what happened, and mistakenly thought it was a scene like the protagonist's upgrade in the movie, so he said that. .

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Hei Lian said with a smile: "Congratulations, you have stabbed a hornet's nest." .

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