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"The Faceless Organization needs someone with my skill." James thought to himself. .

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The short figure of the little devil Tyrion slowly appeared at the entrance of the alley. He dropped the dagger in his hand and raised his hand. ...

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"Find a reliable large ship, preferably a merchant ship across the narrow sea. It must be large, able to withstand storms, and the captain's skills must be good. Park the ship at the port. You must ensure that customs, taxation, and patrol ships will not board the ship for inspection , whom to contact and how much it costs, I don’t need to tell you this.”

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Cotter Pyke jumped off his horse immediately, and ran to help Denys push back Aemon Targaryen's wooden wheelchair. Immediately, some ranger warriors brought blankets for the maester, and the wooden wheel rolled, and Maester Aemon was pushed into a tent burning with charcoal fire.

Arya didn't care, and shouted: "Teacher, I want you to tell me, what the Hound said to you just now is worth ten gold dragons, tell me quickly, or I will come here."

Beric Dondarrion, a blond young man from Blackport on the border of Dorne, was unwilling to return to Blackport, and asked the Prime Minister to allow him to stay in the throne room as a courtier, and Ed Stark approved his request. Thus, Lightning Beric Dondarrion and the red-robed monk Soros stood together, and they became generals in the Red Castle.

"What are you doing? You bastard!" Theon Greyjoy was furious.

Who dares?

Once entering the third floor, even the air became cold and gloomy.

Mormont said: "Okay, Colin, Arnold, you take the brothers of Eastwatch to bring back all the murderers who killed Commander Carter Pike and stand trial."

Arya whistled, and Nymeria suddenly strung out, biting off the wrist of a red cloak, and there was a terrified howl...

Both Rorger and Fang looked at Will and Jaqen nervously.

This is a world where God's will is exercised on the earth, and miracles appear. Through the prayer channels of monks, priests and others, you may be able to get a response from God. .

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