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This time, the same horror, the same breathtaking! .

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The large-scale invasion of the Taikoo forbidden zone giants obviously came prepared, and they have an overall advantage in strength. What they are waiting for is just an opportunity. ...

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What Emperor Xianqin brought out really shocked An Ran.

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What you say is what you say, what you do is what you do.

But he was helpless.

"Now will be our time!"

At this moment, An Ran's eyes lit up slightly.

"Uh...Although there is nothing wrong with you calling me that, but I always feel that this name of yours is completely malicious, doesn't it?"


The three-inch tall figure was flying around, the wings of light behind it vibrated, and misty rain of light fell, but on that small face, there was a big doubt written on it: "Can't you eat anymore? Need some tea to slow down?" Slow down?"

Back then, the Liu family had been in decline for many years, and they only knew that the Nine Heavens Boundary Monument was a fairy artifact, and it was the original ancestor of the Liu family who brought the human world with him when he fled from the fairy world.

Suddenly another ancient immortal with a rosy complexion spoke up, and saved the almost stagnant atmosphere in time: "If that boy is Bo Xun's reincarnation, or is related to it, then it is not surprising that he can knock down the Godmother from chaos." .”

An Ran didn't notice the change of Bai Di's mood. His eyes swept across the open sky, and suddenly his heart moved slightly, and he landed on one of the secret realms. .

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In the dark, if there are ancient ballads of the ancient Nether clan, if there seems to be nothing echoing in the ears, but when An Ran listens carefully, those voices are also gradually fading away, washed away by the long river of time, turning into mottled A little bit of light. .

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